The Maiden and the Dragon



He did alight, from a lofty height,
near the maiden on the strand,
surprised to see, her standing free,
unfettered foot or hand.

“Oh tell me tender maiden,
for I would truly like to know,
why you have come so bravely,
to where others fear to go.”

“Oh pretty, pretty dragon,
long have I loved you from afar.
By day you seem the burning sun,
by night a shooting star.”

“I have come to pledge my love to you,”
said the maiden with a sigh,
“and I hope to go back with you,
to your lair away on high.”

“Oh silly, silly maiden,
you have made a silly plan.
You should never love a dragon,
you should love a silly man.

Yet I shall take you with me,
but from within, not from without,
and I admire a frisky supper,
so feel free to hop about!

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