The Living Tree


The Living Tree

The Living Tree

We are much more, than as we appear
We’re a physical being & a spirit within
Not just as others, may see or hear
We are all born the same, as our lives begin

Just like a tree, we start as a seed
With family around us, we then start to grow
Watered by knowledge & love that they feed
Our roots go deep, with descendants we know

As we get older, we can stand tall & proud
Or be shrivelled, twisted, torn & battered
By others who do wrong, if they’re allowed
Treating us unfairly, like we never mattered

We may seem unbroken & take all they give
But, our unseen spirit is hidden & down
Some may then feel they can no longer live
Taking their own life, as in misery, they drown

The hurt & pain it will spread far & wide
Our spiritual family feel the ripple effect
They all see, past the mask where we hide
With so many unseen, that it will also affect

They will guide & heal, keeping us strong
From up above or our roots down below
So we’re not beaten by those who do wrong
Lifting our spirit, so we don’t feel so low

The positive energy will see us through
We display our true colours just like a tree
To show all who do wrong, I’m bigger than you
This is, the real me, you chose not to see

So try all you like to bend or break me
Your words & deeds will pass by my being
The ones that I love will never forsake me
It is now your own hurt that you’re feeling

What comes around, goes around, eventually
I can truly say now, I won’t play any part
When you find out if you’re as strong as me
But as for me, I’ll still feel your pain in my heart

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    Joyce White says

    Enjoyed very much.

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