The Kudu


The Kudu

The kudu set out for the river,
dressed up all kudu style,
and as she did pass, the lion from the grass,
purred, “Stop and stay for a while.”

“Oh, that won’t do.”, said the wise kudu.
“I dare not stay for a while.
I know about you from my friend the gnu,
whose bones now lie in a pile,
and I’d hate to be late, to a previous date,
for a drink with the crocodile.”

  1. Avatar of Vlinder de Groot
    Vlinder de Groot says

    Another great poem by Curmudgeon. Never a dull moment, and lots of laughs!

    1. Avatar of curmudgeon
      curmudgeon says

      Thank you very much Vlinder de Groot. Yes. 🙂

  2. Avatar of yvonne
    yvonne says

    Imagery mingled with humor and common sense … Another great work of literary art!

  3. Avatar of Stephen Howard
    Stephen Howard says

    Wow! Thank you very much for your kind remarks Yvonne. I’m grateful and humbled.

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