The Knowing


The Knowing - emotions

Ever so often I look for you.
Lost in my subconscious,
I long for you.
The who’s,
the what’s,
the why’s.

Almost always never
getting a real reply.
I go through my days
an emotional roller coaster.
In my heart,
but present on my sleeve.

I question myself …
My mental undoing taunts me.
Alone in my thoughts.
Are you present yet?
The daily ongoing of lives never met.

Hands never held.
Secrets never told.
There are kisses to be had.
Maybe I am too bold?
No, how dare I not conceive
the truth.

Go on with life
like naysayers do!
Possibilities are endless.
Optimistic hope that’s pure.
So I open the door,
to not knowing …
for sure.

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  1. curmudgeon says

    Very nice ASF. 🙂

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