The Jester


The Jester

The Jester

The king called for the jester,
but the jester was no fool,
he knew there might be trouble,
for the summons was quite cool.

He was a little frightened,
his knees a little weak,
and as he came up to the throne,
the king was first to speak.

“Long have you been with me,
we have walked a happy mile,
but you no longer make me laughthe jester,
you no longer make me smile.”

The jester said unto the king,
“Yes, we have walked a happy mile,
I know that you no longer laugh,
I know you do not smile.

To you, I have been faithful,
always bowed to your demands,
but in truth, the choice to laugh or cry,
has always been in your own hands.

  1. Misty Allen says

    So cool! Such an awesome writer!!

  2. curmudgeon says

    Thanks Misty. You’re the best! :). <3

  3. Eileen Browne says

    Top poetry. Love your work, looking forward to read more!

  4. curmudgeon says

    Thanks Eileen Browne. I’m grateful. 🙂

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