The Homeless


Who will know their name?

Grapefruit shipped from Florida
lay gutted in some trash –
summer heat – cockroaches
lay eggs – on top of tender white
juice. . .

The name of the dead found
yesterday – no one really

Army greens thrown inside a
bin discarded for the homeless,
a pair of rosary beads dangle
from the metal flap – near
a parking lot, on Congress Street
where someone died last night.

Lunch was tossed into a can
In front of D’Antonio’s
Pizza joint – dinner – half eaten
Falls as I pass, onto hot pavement
Those without names wait for
Daylight to end, for empty trash.

When daylight shines between
Cement – those without a name
Are curled into a fetal position, on
Mud or grass, on glass –

The dead – last night – found
Near a trash can where Borders
once stood – no one knows – who.

Patrons of a boutique walk quickly
Past the yellow tape on Congress
Eyes focus on a crack in cement
Never seeking information, or nodding
A simple good morning – holding

A Starbuck coffee, a morning paper
Walking by today’s headlines as if it
Was a conflict concealed to their world

Never seeing dirty skin, filthy
Clothes – or a broken bottle of
Whiskey – Gin – those in tiny empty
Bottles near the trash

The name of the dead – will not
Be found in the morning paper
When no one knows their name –
In the morning – no one cares.

A young girl in pink tights
Knees apart, reads a book
A book resting on her knees
Above her – graffiti – faces

Painted on a brick wall of
Madonna – four times – she relates.
Questions – cryptic – as a girl
Folds her book – barely
Lifts her head, or wonders why
Uniformed men are standing there –
She probably never reads –
Shakes her head as if to say
She does not understand

Another piece of granite without a
Name – a stranger laid to rest –
Perhaps another Jane Doe –
Baptised by the press.

No one knew them, or never
gave a damn.

  1. Avatar of Cynthia Metcalf Miller
    Cynthia Metcalf Miller says

    Nancy this was very powerful. I loved the way you worded this. Love you for this.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Denofio
    Nancy Denofio says

    Thank you so much for reading this, and yes it is the real thing – what you see, think about and hope goes away, when others just don’t care. I appreciate your comment, thank you so much. Sincerely, Nancy

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