The Girl from the Bus Said: Yes!


The girl from the bus said: Yes!

Yes! I’ve lifted up my arm

I’ve hung tight by the metallic bar

I am in the bus

and someone stick his nose as if he wishes

with all his being to enter my arm pit

Yes, my blouse is so translucent

And its translucency leaves out my greenish body

Yes, I am a fresh flower from the fields

that your city nose, suffocated by asphalt,  wouldn’t smell ever

Yes, caress me all with your breath in the canicular squeeze

as if a hair dryer will spin back my neck

touch me with your sober up poet thoughts

We still have an entire yard of hugs

and a thousand dreams in the horizons…

Too bad,

You and your shirt written with a stupid logo

will lose yourself in a late reverie

without poetry

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