The Force Of Life


The Force Of Life

The Force Of Life

I dream of raindrops suspended in the air
And strands of madness as thin as hair
Delightful dishes with pears and apricots
The force of life, and pulsating sunspots

I mean what I think and think what I may
Somewhere in the remains of the day
But galloping horses come to my rescue
Like Humpty Dumpty’s useless retinue

And butterflies circle playing house with roses
Fate spins a web, fortune limericks composes
Life is, and ultimately what more can we want?
Yelling at the injustice of it all we rave and rant

Yet dandelions still enchant and the wind worries
Life is composed of moments, not stories
The icon of everlasting love smiled at me
I saw a church in sunlight, Mass was free

Dreams are like proverbs, true to a cliché, they—
Work their magic slowly each shallow day
If I were a paperclip I’d clip some scribbled poetry
I’d be old and rusty, or better yet one of those coppery—

Old-style square paper-clips they make no more
The kind you could buy at a paper-goods store
Back when the streets went unpaved
And a Model T was no better than a horse’s neigh

I’d hold fast to my paper sheet wards
Full of inkblots and slanted lettered words
Each scribble a human thought spilled, like blood
Staining the paper, a mating of mare and stud

See the clouds hanging low in the distance
And the dust rising from the surface, trance—
—like, it intoxicates and hypnotizes
All the carnival and country fair prizes

The wind blows softly, but it blows nevertheless
And her legs… when she lifted her dress…
Were like a promise of heaven’s paradise
And I smelled her perfume, looked into her eyes

My hand between her thighs, the kisses, and heartbeats
And the tired downtrodden car congested city streets
Electrical wire suspended mid-air, alive, pulsing
Stop.  Listen.  Can you hear the lawnmowers sing?

  1. Avatar of Cyrien McCallister
    Cyrien McCallister says

    I love it. I was reading it and really enjoying it and then I got to the part “And her legs… when she lifted her dress…” and my knees buckled. I love it.

  2. Avatar of Sylvia
    Sylvia says

    You are the Best. I always knew that.

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