The Dragon and the Wolf Dance the Night Away…


The winter triangle’s virgin sings the sky bright

Oh Aludra ready your bow and arrow now
The great feathered serpent flies through the year end’s night
Turning to the left at the orange blossom’s bough
The forbidden enclosure parts to cry havoc
And let slip the dogs of war, but fear not, they’ll heel!
The water wheel has been set, ready the clock
Time is bound to love, the heart beats what it can feel.

The grid of everlasting particles of life
Wondering the universe, bright pilgrims of time
See them vibrate to the tune of the pulsar’s wife
Keeping midnight watch at each supernova chime
The ancient sand is slipping through the outstretched hand
Divine the meaning in late hour chance street crossings
The world has shrunk, the earth is but one round small land
Single sided coin in fate’s well meandered tossing
Love is the force we’re looking for behind the veiled door
Keys found in the heart of a woman who loves you
Spilling life in glance of smitten eyes asking for more
Hear the tick-tock of the clock and the seconds few.

Virgin’s arrow pierces the heart, love can time stay,
Look to the stars, is that Sirius and Draco at play?

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