On Hearing the Death of Shane Warne (1969 – 2022)


Shane Warne

On Hearing the Death of Shane Warne (1969 – 2022)

Shane Warne began bowling
before he was born

Tiny fingers probing
the absence of a ball

A supple wrist flexing
in amniotic fluid

When years later, he took
his first test wicket

Divine intervention
Must have been at play

Moving the ball from leg to off
In an unfathomable way

The batsman flummoxed
And dumbfounded

By this mate-culture creation
Turned spinning sensation

An anti-hero in whites
Living life to the max

Carousing into the night
Belly swelling from fast-food fats

He became the world’s best
spinner despite himself

His right hand drawing him back
from the brink of self-destruction.

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