The Cutlery Catastrophe


It was a dark and dreary evening, the family had all hit the hay

several hours beforehand, colorful dishes and shiny flatware
had been washed and put away;
When all was silent in the utensil drawer, a knife suddenly awoke,
“Hey guys,” the cutter yelled, “come see this odd-shaped thing-
It has to be a joke!”
The kitchen became quite chatty, but a blank stare came from
the spoon and fork,
“What is this creepy creature?” they shouted
“Well, hello there,” it said “I’m a spork!”
The spoon immediately fainted; the fork would follow soon,
“Next thing you’re going to tell us” said the knife,
“Is that the cow jumped over the moon!”
“Well, I don’t know about that,” said the spork, as he cracked
a wicked smile, “but I can tell you that the wife said when
morning comes ‘round, all silverware will go in a pile.”
“What ever does this mean?” was the only thing heard
as they nervously weighed their fates;
well, the next day came and every one was replaced-
with plastic cutlery and cups, and paper plates!

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