The Crash


The Crash

The Crash

The crash of
deaths toll feels
like yesterday in
which she fell.
fell of cancer.

We remember, none
talk about it
only weather it
the storms, trials
of her loss
remembering what she
wanted for me
to be Christian
of humility, standing
on financial solid
ground with child.

I see clearly
the path to
choose, wisely choose
it knowing I
have nothing to
lose nor fear
for God is
with me and
she, an angel
above heaven’s lights
and shopping malls
both rooting for
only the best
for me in
my role as
a single Mother.

The crash is
the crash of
the miracle of
memories, fond times
and one letter
only one, written
to me from
many years ago
reminding me that
love is everywhere.

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