The Black Cat Conjecture – A sonnet


For Anthony H…
Die schwarze Katze Vermutung (The Black Cat Conjecture)
The Black Cat Conjecture
Observe: the black cat of the universe

Time flows in reverse

Analyze: the cat sharpens its curved claws
Violates all temporal physics laws

Hedgy hedges his bets and let’s luck roll
Dan denies luck’s call

Considerour universe fills the crack
So please don’t invert… or go off the track

Schrödinger’s box and the arrow of time
The black cat is prime

Dark matter and energy go away
Black cat fills in all the spaces of grey

Concludeuniverse is black cat exact
Cat equals known fact

Codathe apocrypha contains rat
Black like cosmic vastness of hungry cat.

November 14-15, 2011

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