The Bailiff’s Visit


The Bailiff's Visit

The Bailiff’s Visit

It rained the day the bailiff came
the clouds huddled together
his knock was muffled
by the rumbles of thunder
and the cries of the children

With the moon in his eyes.
he stared at the children
with hunger in their bellies
in a croak he announced
‘Summons to a divorce’
Something stuck in his throat
her hand in the pot
heart in her eyes, she shook her head
as the sun wailed with her
it rained the day the bailiff came

The soup smelled of her burnt hopes
the children ate from the
shards of pain left behind.
they made dreams out of tears
fed from the sweat of her brows
she became frayed with nerves
but defied the day the bailiff came

A score and ten years later
the silver streaked her hair
the children made garlands
from dreams they held
buoyed by the fire of her spirit

Now a smile of peace
her heart mended
by the rain that soaked
away her pain
left behind, the day the bailiff came tears, soup, pain

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