The Antichrists


Global upheavals

and personal crises
hopes, expectations

One communicates
the individual and
collective emotions
both disturbing
and redeeming–
one voice
chaining words
to corral
the collective shocks
and gather followers

The danger
for the self-proclaimed
savior of the world
who creates a compound
within a self-made corral
of chaining words
becomes insanity

The unforeseeable hazard
for the world
comes when
the nouveau savior’s
insanity spreads
to vulnerable
bird flutters
looking for nests
who become brain-washed
and the world sees
the killing of innocents
and mass suicides

of charismatic crazies
creating religions
to re-order human affairs
out of their corrals
morphed into mad houses
enticing others
to believe in their religion
who will likely save
only their collective insanity
and destroy untold lives

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