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On The Ninth Anniversary Of That Indelible Tuesday

That Indelible Tuesday

That Indelible Tuesday

Not a decade has passed and the gaping hole still yawns

It’s Saturday, some people are mowing their lawns
Time has passed, countless dusks and countless dawns
Each one saw the be-flagged burial of daughters and sons

The forgetful ones and the falsely brave all criticize now
Take it in stride, they demand, or worse: that we kowtow
But I ask you if your heart is like mine, tell me how?
Without turning my soul inside out, for this, I cannot allow

It has a date, this blasted darkness of nine long years ago
A day of the week, common, America was on the go
Breakfast, work and errands and maybe a TV show…
Interrupted and traumatized via a Manhattan borough

I wish I could raise my patriotic spirits today and make sense
Rid my heart of the heaviness of loss and despair so dense
But the heart is not a machine you can reset, it is a living lens
Through which the light of the moment exposes the pretense

Oh that a day’s disasters could be re-winded and undone
But each day is an old frame of 35 mm film, exposed to the sun
Each event a bullet fired and un-returnable from the muzzle of a gun
Since that indelible Tuesday morning on September 11 of 2001.

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