So beat me with
your rope of blood –
I have seen before
your war

scars on
skin – yet most
scars hide
inside your

So beat me with your
rope of blood
turn your head –
then – laugh. . .

another strike
eyes stare
never looking back –
another scar
as damage drains
a mind once more.

  1. Andrew Sacks says

    Nancy, thank you for the deep dive into elements we all know–but fear.

  2. Danielle D. Smith says

    Excellent poem. “Rope of blood’…sticks in the mind like a black needle. Very arresting words!

  3. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Thanks to both you Andres and you Danielle – how we see and hear things but seldom write them as plain as day. Regards to you both, Nancy

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