Tears Run Down


Fate comes barreling down the tracks

an express train
rattling and whistling
better get in the way
or you can’t get on

and what is unlucky
but the opposite of fortunate

may make you feel life is precious
makes us realize
the empty track goes on too long

the time between
that fateful express and the next one
is way too short

does anyone have time to see
how the stars hang so close to us tonight

our tears run down
the rain drowns out the engines’ rattling
fading away in the distance.

  1. Avatar of Starfire1712
    Starfire1712 says

    Great writing…i was once told to imagine i was on a railway track..heading from south to north…i changed it to that of being on a ladder..heading from the bottom to the top..the rungs being the sleepers..the sides of the ladder being the rails..but instead of being derailed we sometimes may fall off…instead of going off into sidings or being delayed..we sometimes stop or go down the ladder of life…

  2. Avatar of Frances Ayers
    Frances Ayers says

    yes fate often passes us by too quickly.Great poem and metaphor!

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