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Teach Me Teacher

Teach Me Teacher

Teach Me Teacher

Teach me
Teach me;
Teach me to know that you are the greatest and only Teacher.

Teach me
Not to weep when I cannot find tears
To show appreciation to weeping.

Teach me
That in this life nothing matters,
But love itself.

Teach me
That your mercy
Is the only route to the gate of victory.

Teach me
How the world can forgive herself
And start anew
Where the former things are a relegation.

Teach me,
Dear Teacher,
Teach me, for I am a willing pupil.

Teach me
To recognise
That the flesh matters not, that it is a covering
Of temporary comfort.

Teach me
That favour most divine
Qualifies than all intelligence.

Teach me,
Teach me.
Teach me not to breathe
But to enjoy and be in the presence of breathe.

Teach me the ugliness of trust
And the beauty to believe
And never to question the comfort to trust.

Teach me
Not to be tied to the sick bed of regret
But to advance into dawn.

Teach me
To sing where I cannot make songs and melodies
That there are songs and music everywhere
And the refinement to find these and be enlightened
In all nimbus and in all failings.

Teach me
To see only the grace
And be blind to the glories,
Teach me, Teacher so exalted!

Teach me, Teacher
This willing and all prepared pupil;
The silent art of self-conversations
And the richness and wealth of the mind.

Please, Teacher,
The richness and wealth of the mind
And self-conversation
To be one-with-you.

For these richness and wealth
To be the very strong pillars
The earth and her deeds
Rest her shoulders.

Teach me!

To be good
To be pure, to be purified
To be everything there is to all
To be everything of mind profound.

Most importantly,
Teach me
The freedom of the spirit,
The rejoicing of the soul;
The beauty to do good, and to find goodness and to locate you in this goodness, Teacher.

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