Tainted Heroes

Tainted Heroes
Joe DiMaggio

Tainted Heroes

Where have all the heroes gone?
Like those within our youth
The ones we admired,
From which we sought the truth,
Righteous deeds,
We praised in ink and song
Erected on the pedestal—
Gods that walked alone

Were they all illusions?
Just some fantasy
Or does youth wane to wisdom—
Thus reality

Tarnish stains the purity,
Deceit destroys the soul
One by one they’ve fallen—
Bloody pieces on the floor

Immortality reverts to sin,
Veracity yields to lies,
Heroes of our making—
Human traits survive

Are they just reflections of what we want to be?
We bear their cross of failure—
Mass liability

Men are men
Who sweat and toil with human frailty,
They live and die with dignity—
Not immortality

From innocence to worldliness,
The measure we have gained,
Today there are no heroes
We are what remain

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