She sat on a curb, draped in claret
Hid in self-esteem and overwhelmed with regret
But could not avoid what adversity could beget
No eye that saw her could forget her silhouette

Her left hand was curved towards her body
Hardly open but eloquently could tell
What quenched passers-by’s curiosity
And her need for alms as well

Her bare feet challenged the pavement heat
Having no thespian talents or artful deceit
Just calling hearts that were always sweet
To those with whom fortune avoided to meet

No one dared to disturb her world,
Break her silence or hurt her pride
Just showed generosity and said no word
As she was encumbered with much concern

Nothing seemed to elate her heart
As what she got would fade by night
And the following day she would restart
To endure her misery and proceed with the fight

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