I Still Feel You There

Love Bugs Oil Painting by Vas Paris

Sudden bliss, excited tryst, an affair to soothe all quarrels in my heart…
Tiny lies, justified by the waxing tides of love…
Simple little pleasures unfold, wrinkled and frayed but there,
Of the greatest magnitudes.

Moonbeams stray, rain pounds, a small frayed bit of screen whistles as the wind blows through,
Bare thighs, intensify the mild winter cold abound…
Breath scatters as the air circles ‘round….
From the heat of your mouth.

Beautiful lines, hips curve, tangled in the wanton sheets,
How to say no, when desire unfolds so serenely in a waiting soul?
Eyes closed, imagining things that were never really there…
A common dream this is, of lust.

But when alone, it’s strange, I still feel you there.

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