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Stay With Us

For the victims of the January 24, 2011

Domodedovo International Airport bombing

Thirty five extinguished breaths

Thirty five senseless deaths

Thirty five names posted today

…in a world morally grey

To be buried in the search-engine ten-minute update

To be snatched away to their pointless fate

No!  I object, I will not let…

…the machine of our world have them just yet.

Vladimir Babarykin, forty four, stay with us

Marina Babenko, forty three, stay with us

Ildus Yunusovich Gataulin, thirty six, stay with us

Igor Garkin, fifty five, stay with us

Irina Konstantinova Petrunin, nineteen, stay with us

Victor Pernyatin, sixty one, stay with us

Nikolai Yurashku, eighty seven, stay with us

…stay with us, stay with us, stay with us

Silenced voices, mute button on the remote

…playwrights who won’t ever write again

Stopped heartbeats, an empty hanger for a missing coat

…briefcases full of paperwork and pain

Lost moments, forgotten gifts to relatives forgotten

…in the shuffle of the injured feet

Last text messages, emoticons and that dreaded mute button

…before the blast melted the cell phones in the heat

Nikolai Pavlovich Kochergin, sixty eight, stay with us

Denis Noodles, thirty seven, stay with us

Natalia Volkova, thirty nine, stay with us

Oleg Tomin, thirty six, stay with us

Boris Smirnov, fifty two, stay with us

Boris Pustovalov, sixty one, stay with us

Kiril Aleksseevich Badrashov, thirty eight, stay with us

…stay with us, stay with us, stay with us

I will name them here, though I know them not

…they deserve to be mourned

I will sing them here, though I do not share their lot

….they deserve to be heard

I will pause in my hurried life, what’s a few breaths of mine?

… they deserve to be given a moment

I will kneel at their grave, and say a prayer, write a line

… they deserve the effort, the time is well spent

Kirill Baybuza, twenty three, stay with us

Shishkin Konstantin, fifty one, stay with us

Vadim Izmailov, forty six, stay with us

Natalia Isaev, twenty four, stay with us

Vic Eldarovich Lomzharidze, thirty eight, stay with us

Valery Belousov, forty eight, stay with us

Viktor Ivanovich Dubovitsky, thirty eight, stay with us

…stay with us, stay with us, stay with us

Thirty five dead bodies that once yearned

Thirty five names that once earned

Thirty five people that mattered just yesterday

…in our world morally grey

To be buried in a cold grave, with a wreath from the state

To be covered up by the soil, on some pointless date

No!  I object, I will not permit…

… my personal world to treat this as just a news bit

Elijah E. Matveev, thirty four, stay with us

Andrei Vladimirovich Hripankov, forty three, stay with us

Renat Shafkatovich Sigmatulin, forty four, stay with us

Victor Trofimovich Shmatyuk, fifty three, stay with us

Alexey Zubritsky, thirty five, stay with us

Alexei Borisovich Dude, forty, stay with us

Jabar Muhamedzhanovich Sabir, forty seven, stay with us

…stay with us, stay with us, stay with us

You can drop them now, delete button or backspace will do

…from the payroll list and the retirement plan

You can take a red pen, or blue one if you prefer, some do

…and mark their files terminated, each and every one

Manila envelope, or a white one with self adhesive strip

…and an Avery label will do the trick

Magic marker, or bright yellow highlighter, paper clip

…to mark the personnel file, can you hear it squeak?

Murat Hudeynazarovich Khaknazar, twenty three, stay with us

Orinbay Rometovich Mombetov, forty five, stay with us

Nikolay Ivanovich Ivanov, forty one, stay with us

Maria Vallner Heidi, forty nine, stay with us

Hendrik Minderop, thrity four, stay with us

Anna Mashutin, twenty nine, stay with us

Gordon Campbell Kousland, thirty nine, stay with us

…stay with us, stay with us, stay with us

Thirty five men and women dead for no reason at all

Thirty five human beings like bricks in the Berlin wall

Thirty five reflections of you and me on another day

…in this world morally grey

To be buried with news newer still, of more of the world’s hate

To be covered up by time, as the hour of their passing passes late

No!  I object, I will not allow…

… to let them depart the airport without at least a bow.

January 26, 2011

Konrad Tademar

List of the names of the Victims in Russian and their year of birth:

№ п/п Ф.И.О. Год рождения Гражданство Опознание

1   БАБАРЫКИН Владимир Аркадьевич


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

2  БАБЕНКО Марина Александровна


гражданин РФ Опознана юридически

3  ГАТАУЛИН Ильдус Юнусович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

4  ГАРКИН Игорь Алексеевич


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

5  ПЕТРУНИНА Ирина Константиновна


гражданин РФ Опознана юридически

6  ПЕРНЯТИН Виктор Михайлович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

7  ЮРАШКУ Николай Васильевич


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

8  КОЧЕРГИН Николай Павлович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

9  ЛАПШОВ Денис Анатольевич


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

10  ВОЛКОВА Наталья Олеговна


гражданин РФ Опознана юридически

11  ТОМИН Олег Владимирович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

12  СМИРНОВ Борис Владимирович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

13  ПУСТОВАЛОВ Борис Владимирович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

14  БАДРАШОВ Кирил Алекссеевич


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

15  БАЙБУЗА Кирилл Юрьевич


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

16  ШИШКИН Константин Константинович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

17  ИЗМАЙЛОВ Вадим Геннадьевич


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

18  ИСАЕВА Наталья Юрьевна


гражданин РФ Опознана юридически

19  ЛОМЖАРИДЗЕ Вахтанг Элдарович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

20  БЕЛОУСОВ Валерий Иванович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

21  ДУБОВИЦКИЙ Виктор Иванович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

22  МАТВЕЕВ Илья Евгеньевич


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

23  ХРИПАНКОВ Андрей Владимирович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

24  СИГМАТУЛИН Ренат Шафкатович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

25  ШМАТЮК Виктор Трофимович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

26  ЗУБРИЦКИЙ Алексей Александрович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

27  ЧУВАКОВ Алексей Борисович


гражданин РФ Опознан юридически

28  ДЖАБАРОВ Сабир Мухамеджанович


гражданин Республики Таджикистан Опознан юридически

29  ХАКНАЗАРОВ Мурат Худейназарович


гражданин Республики Таджикистан Опознан юридически

30  МОМБЕТОВ Оринбай Рометович


гражданин Республики Узбекистан Опознан юридически

31  ИВАНОВ Николай Иванович


гражданин Австрийской Республики Опознан юридически

32  ХАЙДЕ Марие Валльнер


гражданин Австрийской Республики Опознана юридически

33  МИНДЕРОП Хэндрик


гражданин ФРГ Опознан юридически

34  МАШУТИНА Анна Григорьевна


гражданин Украины Опознана юридически

35  КОУСЛАНД Гордон Кемпбелл


гражданин Великобритании Опознан предварительно


I asked a good Russian friend of mine to submit this poem to a number of Russian publications in the City of Los Angeles.  Needless to say I expected no money for the action. They all declined, ostensibly on the grounds that the poem is in English and they only publish in Russian.  Oh well.

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