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Spiritual Gait

Spiritual Gait - elixir-of-life
Sculpture of Kamadhenu at the Batu Caves, Malaysia

Elixir of Life

The reconciling and reaching
tendrils of loving magnitude
touching the earth with the
golden orb.

The elixir of life
enters and eagerly washes and
waves a portal newly realized
and reunited.

A statement and
situation savors a complex reason
and completely crushes the world.

The motion and motor forever
cloaking and canvassing the
tapestry of the Great Weaver.

A moment suspends and surprises
the onlooker held in the moment.

A creation, captivating and catapulting
our sanctuary, ever inscribed in the
sea of spiritual contentment.

A lifetime to kaleidoscope and
keep the heart by creating a coupling
between the indescribable testimony
and the indestructible moment,
forever a part of our lives.

This poem is a sample of the paperback Spiritual Gait.

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