A Spirit Breathes Lightly


A Spirit Breathes Lightly

A Spirit Breathes Lightly 

I see you, face to face – and hear 
a voice – as you whisper thoughts 
into my ear. 

Peace revolves around me, 
I know when you return – but I have 
understood – born to live – 
and share your gift. 

God delivered gold my way, he
gave me your desire, and now
your magic comes alive from words
I have shared with others.

To those who cannot see beyond
the obvious – a place called earth – I ask,
set aside your fear and do not struggle –
accept another place and time into
your heart.

Long ago a spirit whispered words into
your ear to tell you why I survived –
today, it will be me – explaining why I
survived – today it is me who
feels you standing over my shoulder.

A spirit has no end – as sure as
night turns into day you have
returned to hug me once – today.

We are a pebble resting near a shore
waiting for a flow of water to gently
pull us out to sea.

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