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Spellbound (Lyrics)

Spellbound: the movie that Salvador Dalí painted for Alfred Hitchcock.


First time ever I saw you,

Years ago by now.
I hardly even noticed you;
Barely registered somehow.

As time went by, you never faded;

My composure was regained,
But your essence still was out there,
Soul and presence still remained.

But you remained hidden deep,

In my twisted, jumbled brain…
As if buried there forever,
Not to be exhumed again.

Last night, I started shaking,

Three fleeting kisses on my cheek.
A silly local practice, but
My knees never felt more weak.

A year went by then you walked in,

Caught my eye, but only briefly
So secluded did you seem
Remote, aloof you rushed by me.

Hazel eyes like lakes to drown in,

Chiseled nose by Michelangelo.
Your smile comes straight from Venus.
I should never let you go.

Almost, forgot all about you,

Then the next year came about…
Now, this time it was different,
Your charisma left no doubt.

We spoke only briefly,

But I’ve never been more sure
Of someone’s epic sweetness
For which there is no cure.

After months of restless wandering,

My life was not the same.
Your amazing grace made me wonder,
Did I start to go insane?

Your spell or curse like magic,

Changed my life, for right or wrong
Left me forever spellbound.
That’s why I wrote this song.
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