Amazing Sparktacular Essence


Sparktacular Essence

Sparktacular Essence

Sparktacular essence,
Trapped in the rain,
Filled with light,
Yet filled with disdain.

Sparktacular gloom,
Filtering through wind,
Scattering rain clouds,
In the dark, ominous din.

Sparktacular sunshine,
Glittering on tepid rays,
Watering down happiness,
Skipping through days,

Sparktacular oceans,
Billowing waves,
Gliding along ripples,
Through luminescent caves.

Sparktacular presence,
Encompassing all,
Silky sunshine,
Dancing tall.

Sparktacular snowflakes,
Skating white rain,
On willowing ice,
Across a dripping plain.

Sparktacular mountains,
Reigning high,
Drooping moonshine,
Passing on by.

Sparktacular rainbows,
Weaving through stars,
Touching flying eagles,
Soaring to Mars.

Sparktacular essence,
Of all life entails,
Slithering past daybreak,
Until the last boat sails.

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