Soul Walking


Soul Walking

Soul Walking

Soul walking, searching
Stranded wandering, alone
Is she seen
Heard, felt, desired
Thought of, loved
Or simply forgotten? 

Deaths toll took
Tolls and tales
Were told of
One and others
Vanished, gone without
Any trace, memories

Erased she displaced
Invisible invites to
Nowhere but isolations
Door she fell
To the floor
Weeping; where is

Love, does it
Reside here today
For me or
Is it a
Myth, a mystery?
Soul wandering lonely

Paths deaths knock
Comes once, feet
Run fast, she
Knows it is
Not her time
Lives to save

Love to find
Somewhere, somehow she
Buries tragedy deep
Inside walking on
Nails, blood on
Her soles soul

Searches for its
Place only sees
One face; Jesus
Says stay, sit
Rest I help
All; sit here

Right here, right
Now, I hear
You, see you
Feel you, know
You need me
And more love

A hug received
From only one
A little girl.

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