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Song Lyrics in Search of a Tune


Cousin Bill just stopped by in his usual way,
Reciting some lines from a Wilder play,
Talking of weather, and whether or nay,
His hair all adrift, like confusion of hay,
And Julie’s been gone for a day.

And Samantha, she’s dreaming of things that they say,
As she hop-scotches quickly carrying a tray,
And if in the somewhere she’ll star in ballet,
And Julie’s been gone for a day.

Dear father’s off thinking of bills he must pay,
And mother’s concern is a bridal bouquet,
I cover my eyes when they kneel down to pray,
And Julie’s been gone for a day.

As for me, I sit whiling the hours away,
All the freshness and force of a tired cliché,
Having the thoughts that no words can convey,
And Julie’s been gone just a day.

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