Song Of The Lake



Every breath
Leads to death
Every lie
Is a cry
Every sound
Is a pound
Of sold flesh
Refresh my soul
Make me whole
Take me now
Let me growl
Make me bow
Let me howl
Drown me in the lake
For loves sake
But should I rise
It’s all lies
Should I wake
It’s just a fake
Just a dream
Not what it seems
‘Cause I am dead
Already in my bed
Cold like ice
Indulge your vice
You’ve killed me hon
Just like a man
You have no guts
Blind like bats
We thump around
In the dark
Without a sound
And then you bark
Like the dog
That you are
It’s just the fog
Not so far
That obscures the bank
Of the lake
Where I drown
Go down
Let me go down
So don’t hold back
Let’s hit the sack
Or some speed
Take the lead
You’re such a man
Such a fan
Listen to me
I am not free
From your love
‘Cause you have
Cut me up
Lit it up
Make it stop
Let me drop
I want to come
I’m not dumb
I know your game
We are all insane
The rain will fall
And you will call
You always do
Such a weakling
Hooked on my brew
A baby suckling
In the dark so shady
To your heartache
For I am the lady
Of the lake.

September 4, 1996 – Konrad Tademar

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