Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Somewhere over the

Rainbow you are
Found not lost
Overcame the fight
Of wickedness wars
Genocide you survived
Somewhere your face
Exists for me
Not to see
Yet only in
My mind, my
Heart I see
It today. The
Gentle face forgotten?
Never forged fought
Still fighting today
Thru your stormy
Weather short email
Received are you
Breached within the
Walls of your
Own spirit’s pain
Can you again
Claim you’re golden
And silver intertwined
Soul as it
Once shined brightly
Upon my arms
My heart my
Very heated breath
Somewhere the wars
Are over somewhere
Else wars still
Exist tell me
Today where you
Sit? In the
Cockpit of yet
Another war or
The war of
Your very soul?
I once loved
You so to
Hear you’re alive
Brought tears to
My eyes it’s
Been so long
No packages sent
From me tell
Me did you
Receive any mail?
Rainbows form all
Over the world
Today for another
Soldier fought and
Saved standing struggling
Striving to connect
Reconnect with the
World again today
Tell me rainbowsoldier
Will you stay
For a while
My pot of
Gold and silver
Is safe my
Friend, once lover
Back from what
I thought was
A grave, now
I long to
Hold you, hug
You, and say
Well done my
Good and faithful
Friend, let me
Extend my hand
To you now
And hold it
Tightly you are
You were never
Alone somewhere rain
Will appear where
You are near
Today and a
Rainbow will form
Think of me
My rainbowsoldier sending
It to you
With love and
Hugs for you
Are alive today.

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