Someday We Would Play, My Child..


Someday we would play

My child,
When I’d spare the time.

Each day you bring to me
Your toys and ask
If I could play with you.
Yet, I’m too busy
And exhausted.
I make an excuse and refuse.

Someday we would play
My child,
When I would
spare some time.
Life today is stressful
And afflicted,
You are though
too small to understand.
But, allow me another go!
Let me at first
try and conform.

Someday we will play
My child,
Before you really grow,
Let me tide over
the tough times now,
And conquer
the destinations new,
While I’m in the race.
Because there are
Years to stay.

Someday we would play
My child,
Times have somehow moved
too fast.
It’s not the ball
or swing any more,
Nor do you seem to
Rely on my score.
You have grown
and absorbed in a world
Of your own.

How I wish
Someday, you would
ask me to play.

  1. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Sonica, it takes me back and I am sure so many mothers and fathers, grand parents and more, to those words, meaning – later. But as you mention, and we are all aware – later comes as fast as night in winter – and we only had a little time to play. Thank you for bringing back memories. Sincerely, Nancy

  2. Avatar of Dr Sonica Krishan
    Dr Sonica Krishan says

    Thank you for your right interpretation..

  3. Avatar of sam
    sam says

    Dr.Sonica Krishan’s creation tend me to look back to my child hood

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