Somber Parting



Somber Parting: There are so many people I miss, especially my wife, and the very exciting things we used to do together.

Sometimes I am sorrowfully speechless at the thought of them, and often drowning in a pool of private tears over the loss of my one true love. She looks past me as if to see through me as anything and everything deserves her attention more than I do.

However hard I try to pretend it isn’t there, a gnawing heartache lingers through the day from the hours of crushing melancholy in the night, seeping into the tone of my voice, fading the vivid colors of the world to a drabby gray.

Even in laughter, I have to fight the dark clouds that threaten to cast a shadow in my expressions. Can’t pull a rabbit out of the hat anymore. No more escape tricks. I am, fresh out of hope, physically exhausted, emotionally defeated to my core.

It is a very lonely place where all the doors have been shut and bolted from the outside, and the four baren dingy walls that fill my vision in the dimming landscape of life are a stinging reminder of my failures as a father and the inability to measure up as a good husband.

That hour is here, I knew it would come. I’m off, to a better place.

  1. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    Although written very eloquently, I hope when I pass, I’m lookin’ forward to an afterlife of joy and blessings. I know many do not believe in an afterlife but why go out so blue? Knowing we had love in our lives makes us grateful. I’ll leave the grieving to the living.

    1. Avatar of Seahand
      Seahand says

      Well said, Ms. White. My sentiments exactly.
      I thank God I’m not my father.


  2. Avatar of Lynne Lexow
    Lynne Lexow says

    So beautiful. At this time of year, when the children are excitedly awaiting Christmas and the adults preparing for their annual holiday, I find myself to be quietly contemplating my solitary life. Loneliness is a state of being, a choice. No shallow noise can ever fill the empty space left by a loved one.

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