Silly Me


Silly Me

Silly Me

Didn’t you see how I drowned in you
and sank in loving you
didn’t you see that my flowers and perfumes
implore about you
and disturb me
and that just like me,
they got attached
to your sight and your voice, my lovely

Oh, if you knew, silly,
how my eyeliner, proud
on my cheeks melted
and how the longing too long in aching lasted
and how my hours in your distance tormented.

Oh, if you knew
that my missing to you, my moaning, and wrinkles
deeper extended
oh, if you knew
that the world
all the world
around me stumbled.

Don’t you know, silly,
that the whole night I talk out my pains
and on a moaning fire I am in flames
wouldn’t you know that I weep in my sleep
and out of grief, in your arms let go my tears.

For, without you
I am but
pieces of paper
that shatter
when sorrow above them passes.

Do you remember, silly,
when the rhymes mingled in rhymes
and the waves merged in waves
when colours blended, the red in
a yellow and the green in a blue?

When fervour from our palms allured and shined
when passion flooded
and poured onto us,.. and flowed over us…

return to my hours their laughter
and to my lips their posture
and erase my absolute grief
I beg you,
bring myself back to me
for I am lost in your sea
you, a confusing sea
and I, … a boat.

Come back to me I ask you, my love
come back to me, my love
and don’t stay
that lover
silly me.

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