Should Not the Actuaries Say…


Should Not the Actuaries Say

Should Not the Actuaries Say

What If…

What if actuaries would say:
There’s no time to delay
Doing what you should do
In the time allotted to you?

Would you roar into action,
Freeze in petrifaction
Or just dawdle ‘n dither
Ongoing hither or thither?

What If cartographers would conclude:
Whichever route you choose
Be it circuitous or straight
You will end in the same place?

Would you still bother to explore?
Or just bolt down your door
Prefer byways to highways
Choose only to move sideways?

What if holy men would pray:
You’ll never lose your way
No turning back, fear or shame
No right path, guide to blame?

Would you fill with regret
Not having tried much yet
Or seek solace in Zen
Practicing Carpe Diem?

What if sages would opine:
All paths disappear in time
Barely used or well-trodden
Tracks fade, are forgotten?

Would you kick off your shoes
Fill your rucksack with booze
Well aware that each bend
Could be your journey’s end.

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