She is not The Government


A man is turned away
he is in pain – stumbles
on the sidewalk – drops
his cane.

His wife walks in front
of him as if they no
longer – know one another
fumbles for his keys.

He no longer drives,
but plays cards every
night, lets her win to
make her smile.

To make her smile –
to keep him out of
a nursing home – you
see, he told me he

said, “never a
nursing home.”
So he doesn’t frown
when doctor’s see

he is on Medicare,
pretending they
can’t take him, or
another takes him

and Medicare for
all they have, no
one asked for a
reference to each

visit, no one questions
a doctor – but when
a doctor does nothing
but stands in a doorway

then writes up a list
of things he never
did – then tells Medicare to
pay, and who is paying

for their fraud? Who
is paying in America
for the people who
never knew they were

charged for things
doctors never do?
So those on Medicare
do something

for yourself – it’s easy
for them to take you
to the wolves – to use
your card, to lie about

your health – and it
continues if you don’t
stop it. It continues
if you don’t tell about

it… Don’t let it kill
you – because when
something does go
wrong – doctors are

like glue – do they listen
to you?  Does she listen
to you when you say,”no
nursing home?”  I know,

she isn’t the Government
but she is in charge of you.
It was fun having a younger
bride while it lasted, or

while you lasted?  What you
never knew back then –
she would stay younger
longer – spend your money

faster – go away alone, not
like our mother – not like

your first love.


And Dad, she would never
have thought of a nursing
home – because your home
was her home – do you

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