Shame of Shadows


Shame of Shadows

Shame of Shadows

Shadows hovering at my back, return to march me home
as I’d left them in the ditch of Life and its macabre Woebegone
I rolled away in silence, the wind’s pressure at my back
guiding me out and across the fields of all the things I lack

I looked back only once, to be assured they hadn’t followed
my feet heavy on the mossy ground, its scent dark and fallow
Shadows of my past, the things that I had done
so careless in my words and ways, now eclipsed the sun

Yes, I believed I’d left them for dead along that broken bank
with never a worry of their return, or their power in my name
A fool was I to not be wary of the trail I’d left behind
my footsteps a map marking my scent, for the shadows are still mine

Irony’s not lost, I behold its lusty and earthy smell
creeping in behind me with questions I must quell
What shadows I had bourne before, cannot compare to this
under the lie waits the truth entwined with hate and piss

Choking off my intentions, tendrils of my past slip around my limbs
dousing my excuses, fastening my trembling lips
Shadows now before me, no longer whispering from behind
they’ve come to sow the vengeance, for which they’ve searched and pined

I am obedient in my shame and offer no aversion
willingly I carry myself to the scene of my immersion
Shadows I have blindly ignored and pacified for glory
now overwrite what I might have been and quietly end my story

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