Shadows on a Crystal Ball


Shadows on a Crystal Ball

First a cloud of light
in my vision;
smog covers the city
on a humid day;
it is disease.

Eyes close at night
pulling shades of yesterday;
asleep with pain.
Dreams – reveal a flash
of a coming storm.

Words vanish on paper.
Shadows on a crystal ball;
the disease – restless now,
the eye of the storm
passes in the night.

Thunder – lightening – a
feeling of a tree baron of its’ leaves
as I hear wind ripping at
darkness – I shall not face the storm.

Breathe deep, you can not run,
smile – clouds our left in
our sky – someday, perhaps tomorrow,
a devastating storm will
erase our light forever.

No longer will I need to see faded words
on a Crystal Ball.

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