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Seeing the Light

Seeing the Light 

Seeing the Light

A lampshade painted by an artist friend  
Shows a country road with a slight bend  
Heading towards a row of golden trees  
Their leaves rippling in a summer breeze 

A smell of warm earth hangs in the air
As a scrawny vixen slinks back to her lair
Sensing the advance of human feet
A pigeon’s wings crack and flap in retreat

The shade deepens and shadows grow strange
As the voices of ramblers come into range
“What a gorgeous wood, let’s walk through
To the old farmhouse with a fantastic view”

“The valley is still a beautiful spot
Though threatened by a developer’s plot”
“Don’t worry. We are good at disruption
Once a project goes into production”

He takes a spray can and shakes it with vigour
Then asks: do you want to pull the trigger?
The paint hisses onto a crumbling stone wall:
Extinction Rebellion fights for us all.

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