The Sands Of Time


Sands Of Time

Sands Of Time

The effervescent moon
transcending across the bay,
As sand licks against wet edges of movement –
ocean-scented of fish and algae,
tangent with aromas of life,
So ever full of joy and cascading currents of time.

Immediate wakefulness
of sea creatures and lapping waves
as time trickles by,
Forever gay in its luminescence,
and still,
as moonbeams watch their reflections below.

Clouds of billowing blueness of night,
roving by with wandering eyes,
As sadness grips the sands of time,
whose passing has affected us all.

  1. Avatar of Dana Goodman
    Dana Goodman says

    Simply wonderful!
    I will look out for you!

  2. Avatar of Rowena Welch
    Rowena Welch says

    Wonderful poetry

  3. Avatar of theresa
    theresa says

    how thought provking.

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