On the tenth of Bahman may the sacred fire be your true guide

May the camel’s thorns bring you to the world and back inside

Walk the earth with me, holding the future in both your hands
From ancient sacred Damavand to modern lost Galician lands

There where lions are worshiped as guardians of the true sun
Give each Atar a home, for the man-child born of woman

“This, the light of God is, this adore we must
This, the joy of God’s kiss, this is the living dust”

Here then the eternal love of Fatherland gives breath
From the life of Zayanderud’s banks and her ancient depth

Through the seven hills where the Leopolis Oath was cast
To the Virgin in whose care all who are always loyal: last

From the laws of Haosyanha and the choices he made
Here then in the waters betwixt flames we must wade

Fire that burns in the beast’s hearth hearts that beat
Synchronized to the music of the stars and God’s seat

Dancing to the sky from where the contrast of choice came
Striking the serpent to flee, striking the flame – the world to tame

Set the flame to reflect in the water of life – radiant in joy
Set it in the gateway – so that it can turn into a man, each boy

Set it in each temple eternally to illuminate and timelessly remind
That mankind is now unbowed by darkness, man is no longer dark-blind

Let the women bring it back when comes the sacred golden dawn
Let them touch their home’s hearth, let the fires be as one

The winter is half over, Nowruz is half here, life will triumph and inhale
And man will reach the Milky Way and on interstellar seas set sail.

January 30, 2013 (10th of Bahman, 1391)

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  1. Avatar of Gianluca De Sanctis
    Gianluca De Sanctis says

    Simply beautiful.
    I DID have to do some research to understand it…

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