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Rosh HaShanah: Sound of the Shofar

Rosh HaShanah

Rosh HaShanah

For it is in silver that the sound shall be sung
With life as battle and enemies at the door
Sound the Shofar, assemble at sky’s lowest rung
For we are the chosen to bring forth the Lord’s lore
And ours is the burden of truth within the light
Sound the trumpets for the New Year’s call, hear them wail
Let the generations rejoice, the New Moon’s night—
―will occlude the gathering as our thoughts set sail…

Rise up, may your enemies scatter and flee far
May all your foes fall before you as grains of dust
Fear is not an option for the blessed by the star
Only faith in traditions brought forth from the past
Kept in the tabernacle of the priests and scribes
Sung by poets and prophets gifted with the eye
Hear the Shofar call across space-time to all tribes
Teki’ah, shevarim, teru’ah ― foot of Mount Sinai

And all trembled and all woke, and all were in awe
For on the third day the sky shook the earth awake
Stirring within the heart of hearts, echo of the Law
A sword hidden within waters of an old lake
For words of the Lord are writ in the Shofar’s sound
Cast of the vibration of thunder and earthquake
Peace be on you if you follow Him like a hound
But woe onto you if you take your own path’s sake

For as Moses stood at the foot of the mountain
So too shall you all stand at the feet of the Lord
There are such things on earth in heaven forbidden
That to force them is to draw the long-hidden sword
And risk the wrath of truth unleashed from high above
Tekia’h Gedolah, Shevarim Teru’ah ― sounds―
―beyond all measure of endless hope and real love
Triumphs in the Word ― greet them on Rosh HaShanah.

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