Roses on a Pillow


Shadows blend with yellow light

a view from my balcony at night.
Figures clustered near a table,
drapes blow free, keeping beat
as the ocean breeze.

Shadows toasting, laughing,
drinking as bone china sings.
A figure brightens
near a yellow, orange flames
disappear in night.

Gazing at roof tops; red lights
a flame, yellow – orange
and eyes concentrate on a single
light multiplies ten thousand
times its size.

Movement slight, wind gentle
natures tranquillizer hypnotizes
as palm branches kiss, touching
fingers in the night. Two bodies
clapping, blending together.

Hear the slapping of bare skin?
Not long ago, I recall those black
satin gowns, red roses and green
leaves, as skin rubbed against
satin and embroidered sheets.

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