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Remembering a Rock and Roll Suicide

Rock and Roll Suicide

Rock and Roll Suicide

At last, he took flight
In the summer sunlight
From the roof of the Hilton Hotel.

No urge to rethink
A step back from the brink
Only prolonging his mental hell.

Looking at the sky
His mouth suddenly dry
Knowing he had no more to tell.

Tucked into his coat
A scrawled two-sentence note
A rock star’s laconic farewell.

No will to go on
Party when I’m gone
The last words of a middle-aged rebel.

Creative destruction’s
Final disruption
That drugs could no longer quell.

And so the deed was done
In three beats of a drum
The fourth his body-thump death knell.

Standing near the spot
Where he met his lot
Long gone but still casting a spell.

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