Rituals and Crickets


She wore red

midriff across her breast
she took the path
that led to her nest

The crickets sang
a melody to the breeze
Jasmine scented night
Moonlit kissed sky

They stood hidden
amongst the brambles
machetes gleaming

She sang along the path
thoughts of loved faces quickened her steps
they moved one pace closer too
the owl screamed a warning
lady you are led
to a fiery slaughter

  1. Avatar of Bart
    Bart says

    “Bloody” nice poetic prose, Biola!
    (I hope I will not dream about this scene :))

  2. Avatar of Biola Olatunde
    Biola Olatunde says

    No! you will not dream about it but I will dream with a smile because you commented. Thanks.

  3. Avatar of Nancy Denofio
    Nancy Denofio says

    /Following this lady to her death, and the words, condensed and so right. I enjoyed your work, sincerely, Nancy

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