Riding on a Rainbow


We had to store you in darkness –

March – the ground too hard to dig.
Four men wearing black suits
Lifted you, you – inside of brass –
On every side, The Lords Prayer

Four men lifted you inside brass, placed
You back into a black car, and
Once again we followed you…
To a heart, father carved

Until We Meet Again – as marble
Shinned in sunshine, you waited
Forty-four days – for May
Four and four – your favorite
Numbers when you visited the
Track –

Forty-four days in a
Place you walked by, played,
Told us never will you rest there

Your soul created a rainbow
Stretching from one empty field to the
Next – from one mountain
To another – the largest
Rainbow, wider and brighter in

White fluffy clouds were high
Above this rainbow, a sky of

Deeper shade of blue –
We were blessed with moistened
Swabs of love – God rejoicing.

The rainbow – has disappeared
But you never stayed behind
Heavens gate – you’re still
Riding on a rainbow believing
You are here.

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