Reminded of the Warm Love


Reminded of the Warm Love

Reminded of the Warm Love

Reminded of the
warm love of
a Mother and child
today next to
people who reminded
me of my
Mother and I
having a shopping
day as the
Mother looks to
her husband stating,
“We need to
go spend money.”

They all laughed
out loud I heard
Ulta mentioned out loud
stating, “I am
not able to
go there. The
last time I
was there, my
Mother had brain
cancer; I want
that last shopping
memory to remain
right there, when
Mom said, “I am
buying this makeup
for you because
I know you
will love it
and I have
wanted to buy
it for you
for so very long.”

A gift, the
last gift from
my Mother was
for my face
bare minerals and
we bought two
kits while my
Brother was away
Mom stating, “It
is my money
anyway, he has
no say in
my purchases.” I
was afraid of
the aftermath, he
handled all the
cash, all her
funds. She had
no say in
many things towards
the very end
I never spoke of it
until today, my
Mother, she was
my mentor and
best friend; she
suffers cancer no
longer, yet patches
angel wings in
heaven today for
all to fly

Be free; live
with love through
her wings designs
love still resides
always in my
heart for her
in the end
holding her hand
saying, “I love
you. It is
okay. You can
let go now.”
Only said to
give her peace
for she is
she was a
piece of my
peace; my soul.

  1. Avatar of Andrew Sacks
    Andrew Sacks says

    Thank you for this bit of beauty, Meg.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Meg, memory as time goes on becomes beauty and it is what we find in every corner of our life, we suffer at first, hard and long, I know – but we replace it with the laughter we recall before the pain. Although people feel sorry for those in pain, it’s just as hard to watch someone you love suffer – and love never ends. Remember. It never ends. Always Hugs, Nancy

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