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Rappity Rap Rap RAP


Well? The lyrics might shock?
Tighter than a Bob Marley joint

So? The way I’m gonna rock?
Is whiter than a Spike Lee joint

And? Like the ears of Mr.Spock
Few loops before we get to the point

My rhymes still wouldn’t make cents
If the words were made of coins

I live with the Navajo tribe in tents
Skinned buffalo Hyde over my loin

Better than rick Ross
Rock your socks off
Even if you’re in flip flops
And fresh to death like ziplock

Tick tock
tick tock
tickety tick tock

Sound of the hippedy
hip hip hip
Hip hop

Im about to drippidy

Mushroom cloud
How you like me now?

Got more punchlines than Pacquio

Left jab
Right cheek

Right hook
Don’t speak

Upper cut
Quiet down or shut up

Down for the count
Open ur mind & shut ur mouth

Before the bell even sounds
Punches in bunches whapow!

Ending the first round
Knocked out watch out pound for pound

Oh wow!
I’d say ow!

You’ve had more than enough
And you can’t even get up

I know it’s gotta be sorta rough
We all suggest you just give up

But I’m in it
To win it
For a minute
I’m gonna spit it and rip it
Even if you’re too confused to get it

Im smacking ya
with spectacular
You suck like Dracula

biting a neck
writing a check
with mild respect

If you were your rhyme’s parent
I declare it
would be more apparent that you were guilty of child neglect

“Rhyming” is something simply to forget
If it was a Blue Ray Disc? Just press the eject

One buy a pet
Not the ice cream the kind That’ll sweat

Let’s make a bet
You name the terms your price Will be met

You’re taking it to the vet
You’re killing your dog you’re The threat

And by…

Your dog went from living to dead
At a taxidermist getting it stuffed paw to head

After a coma as
A vegetable
Non edible
And the copay for medical
Bills have you
Ever so

Swimming in circular rows like the pool is the Target logo
Like speed boat motor strapped on Micheal Phelps
In incredible debt cuz you bought on lease you bozo

You’re bluffing but ain’t poker
You should only write on Yelps

In fact,
you’re precisely how not to act
like montegue and capulet
to be exact
how are you still in tact

If they’re asking us
you’re disastrous

Not to be critical
or cynical
or over-analytical

but the proportions are biblical
And carbon copy by more than a little tho
Practically exactly matching and identical

To Lazarus
Why don’t ya just Go to Africa
And have lions chase after ya

Maybe go work for McDonald’s
Then flip burgers with a spatula

it’s magical after
a cadaver
grabbed a
what’s sadder
is he looked 10 lbs fatter

With his photos scattered
on film by camera
But i had ta

Cuz the lines
I rhyme
This time
Two nickels
Pretending to be a dime

Fracture in the rapture
While I pitter padder
As if I’m broadcasting like I’m Dan rather
But this breaking news just in…
None of it Even mattered

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