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Rain and Wind and Hail

The rain has started; the wind is blowing

and all hail is raining on me. The rain is

drowning me in tears, the wind is keeping

me from rising up and hail keep hitting

me over my head. I have only

one door with no other exits.

And If I do walk out that door, the rain

will drain my spirit, the wind will steal my joy

and hail will darken my day. Sometimes I feel like I was

born to be defeated; with a mission only to

watch others prosper over me.

Fear rules me, hope has escaped and I have

very little confidence that everything is

going to be okay. If I can just walk behind

that door and feel the fresh breeze of a warm day

and move that dark cloud waiting for me at my door.

The dark cloud prevents the

sun from shining and commands the rain, wind

and hail to stay on my trail. One morning,

I couldn’t hear the growling sounds of

the rain, wind and hail. Suddenly, I felt no fear,

and I realized the rain, wind and hail had

past. I walked through that front door with confidence.

Never again will I let a storm stand in the way of

my dreams. And when that storm does return,

I will be ready for the forecast.

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