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Questioning Love 2

Questioning Love (2)

Questioning Love 2

Does love have the strength to overcome hate? 
Or are the victory margins so small 
It is impossible to estimate? 
How many hearts would need to heed love’s call? 

In a line of faces waiting for the bus
there’s no obvious indicator to tell
If a goofy smile signals love or lust
Or a text message spells heaven or hell.

If Adam had managed to cool his desire
Would paradise gained be a safer place
Though still besieged by the devil’s ire
And constricted by passionless strait-lace?

Does it all come down to pheromones
As the scientists would have us believe
A bacterial world with sexy zones
Where miniature matchmaking strikes at speed

When push comes to shove, finding the one
Ends with mathematical persuasion
A high sperm count beats top-10  handsome
And data, not love, drives procreation.

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